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ICBA Social Media Monitor

Sign up for ICBA’s Social Media Monitor to help you with your online media and reputation management.

Social Assurance is a Trusted ICBA Service Provider


Get free online media monitoring of keywords to help your brand stay on
 top of news and reputation management.


Receive alerts to manage potential threats, customer concerns and brand mentions. Daily reports are delivered to your inbox.


Listen and respond to your customers, prospects and online community. Build stronger connections with these insights.

ICBA Social Media Monitor is supported by Social Assurance and does not reflect the full features and functionality delivered through the Social Assurance Marketing Platform. To see the full power of the Social Assurance solutions provided to financial service providers, visit their website.

More about ICBA Social Media Monitor

What is ICBA Social Media Monitor?

This is a tool designed to capture online conversations about your financial brand on the internet. These insights then help with brand and reputation management. ICBA Social Media Monitor uses keywords to help identify your brand's online mentions and summarizes these results in a daily email alert.

Why should I use ICBA Social Media Monitor?

Tweets, news articles, blogs and expanding online channels have changed the way customers and businesses communicate. We understand the importance of building your online reputation in the digital age and provide tools to help you manage your brand, reputation and responsive customer service.

How does ICBA Social Media Monitor work?

After you create an account, identify five keywords or phrases significant to your bank. Common choices are bank name, bank abbreviation (Note: This may also capture unrelated social media slang and shorthand.), bank president's name, products, services and competitors. ICBA Social Media Monitor, supported by Social Assurance, will send daily email updates based on these keywords being used online.

Can I change keywords?

Yes. Log in to the ICBA Social Media Monitor tool at monitor.socialassurance.com and edit your settings.

How do I register for ICBA Social Media Monitor?

Fill out the form at the top of this page and an email will be sent with your login credentials.

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